A small, hard-working consulting firm with a presence in the United States, New Zealand and Australia. Established in 2009, we partner with a number of clients to provide leading edge cloud based solutions across a wide range of industries. We provide comprehensive consulting services for Salesforce.com, Data Integration and for custom cloud based development. We currently host custom cloud solutions across a variety of Platforms as a Service, which include Amazon EC2, Rackspace and Azure Cloud Services.
Troy Wing
Founder and CEO/President

Troy is the CEO and Principal Architect For SaaS by Design.


Troy has 20 years in building and implementing CRM solutions for organizations and for the last 10 years his and the company's primary focus have been on cloud based solutions. He works across a diverse range of technologies, Salesforce, ETL/Data Integration, SQL Server, MySQL, .NET and Java. Cloud solutions bring their own particular challenges around Data Integration and Troy has architected many complex ETL solutions between Salesforce.com and legacy Database Systems. These include bi-directional integration and high volume loading of transactional data into Salesforce.com.


Troy is responsible for identifying common requirements which can then be transformed into products to be utilized by customers. 

Paul Soldera
Head of Consulting Services - North America

Paul heads up our North America Consulting Services Group


Paul manages our North American Clients, ensuring projects are appropriately resourced and on track and handles project kick offs.


Paul has over 15 years experience in delivering technology solutions to help clients better understand their customers, their potential customers, and ways of reaching them. Including extensive experience in customer analytics, data mining, business intelligence and reporting.